1.      Q:  How long will it take to fix my car?

    A:  We will be able to determine an estimated completion date after the car is fully disassembled and blueprinted.  Once we know the full extent of the damage and eta of any supplement parts, we will be able to determine an estimated completion date

2.     Q:  When do I have to pay my Deductible? Do I pay my Deductible to you or the insurance company? 

                            A:  You are more than welcome to pay your deductible prior to starting repairs but the deductible is due at the time of delivery. You pay your deductible to                         Carstar Fred Beans at the time of delivery.

3.      Q:  How long after the repairs before I can wash or wax my vehicle?                                                                                                                                                                   A:  You can wash your vehicle whenever you would like after the repairs just stay away from pressure washing the areas or any high pressure car                                    washes  for  approx. 60 days. If going through automatic car washes, please only utilize a soft touch car wash or touchless car wash for approx. 60                            Days. Please stay away from any paste wax for approx. 60 days.

4.      Q:  What is the warranty?

     A: We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty at over 500 locations Nationwide (Give customer warranty form)

5.      Q:   You use factory parts correct?

     A:  Not necessarily.  We will review your carrier's parts guidelines with you but we may be required to use Aftermarket or Salvaged parts if they are available and more cost effective.  In the event we run into any quality issues with the part(s), this will be reported to your insurance carrier to see if they will allow us to use OEM.  This decision is ultimately up to them.